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A Petite Ebony Experience


I like to plan our date so that there are no misunderstandings, there fore please respect my wishes .

I am only interested in meeting Gentlemen that respect me and themselves, I don’t provide anything deemed unsafe or uncomfortable. ,My safety and yours are paramount. I partake in this hobby because am happy and free with my sexuality, Therefore whatever I do in our private moment together means I enjoy that, I don’t like Rough or deeming play so please abstain from that and we can enjoy our planned encounter .

I take great pride in my appearance and health so I will be grateful if you do too , I will always be wearing exquisite luxury underwear, hold ups/stocking ,suspenders and a beautiful well fitted figure hugging dress topped off by pretty pumps.

I wear minimal make up with a red, nude or peach lipstick. I spray my body with a lightly fragranced perfume so please before our date let me know if you prefer me not too.

My Gift/fee/contribution should always be handed to me in the first minutes of our meet so that we can both foucus on the date ahead.