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A Petite Ebony Experience


How did you end up as a Gentlemen’s Companion?

This is a simple one, one of main reasons is that I enjoy men’s company plus travelling so I got into a job that could offer both while seeing the world and being my own boss. I wake up and each day is different, I love that humans are complex and intriguing creatures, the unknown keeps me motivated and my company brings happiness to some of the gents that choose my company. I love the way this hobby has opened up a whole other me that I didn’t know existed and am thankful that I share this with open minded people without no judgements.

What has been your biggest indulgence ?

Travelling the world, learning about different cultures, staying in beautiful places, meeting generous and extremely fun gentlemen, being able to afford a life style that been a path to greater adventures.

Your favourite place,city,country you have been too?

There are so many but I will give you a few of my absolute standouts,I love secluded ,quite and serene places, Costa Rica as a country is amazing, A lot of places in Scandinavia are beautiful and so clean, I love the snow ( am extremely warm blooded) , the fjords, Austria , Zanzibar, the seychelles, fiji, the carribean islands, east african countries and anywhere which makes feel alive.

Favourite food, drink and restaurant??

I love all cuisines, but again I find Nordic food really delicious and Healthy, Japanese, Thai, sea food and Turkish. My favourite Drink is carbonated water or freshly squeezed Orange juice plus alcohol free cider. Restaurants, It really depends but I am comfortable anywhere as long as the food is tasty and place is nice and clean.

How would others describe your personality?

I think I would be described as a sweet, extremely independent , fun, out going , down to earth and generous type of girl.

Favourite colour , scent ?

I love all colors but lately I have been obsessed with peach, coral,emerald , navy blue and white. Scent I love the smell of roses, jasmine , coconut, orange and sweet mandarin.

What do you find appealing in a man??

Generosity, Goofiness, Tenderness, confidence and a vibrant but calm demure.