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A Petite Ebony Experience


I consider myself something of an exhibitionist and will be a seducing and desirable partner, This is the kind of experience which will be out of the ordinary.

As you can see from my gallery I am a perfect seductress with natural ,toned curves that are vying for your sensual touch. I stand at a petite 5’4 , in my bare feet , with natural large boobs, a tiny waist and a beautiful toned,round derrire , i’m extremely feminine,fit and a sight to behold.

My face is blessed with almond shaped hazel eyes, full lips , clear dark golden skin and high cheekbones. I love taking care of my body with intesive work outs, long walks,cyling and love nothing more than exploring the globe.

I like to think of myself as unique and understanding individual who is attentive to your personal needs. I will do my best to bring your dreams to reality, I am a perfectionist and strive for the best in whatever I do , in that case you have made the right choice in choosing me as your private Companion.

I comfortable in every set up and get on with people from all walks of life, I ensure to tail my time for every person according to their needs, I will do my best to make this one of the most memorable encounter of your life. I am what you have been waiting for, Let me be your personal muse, Explore each others bodies and the world together.

Discover Elegance,Intelligence , Beauty, Finesse can coexist in one woman.

Miranda. Ebony Bombshell.xoxox